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  • Super strong, robust and with a firmer feel

  •  Lined with smooth leather or Biothane®️

  • Come with leather or Biothane®️ strap keeper as standard

  • Sizes small to large 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm and 38mm

  • Choose from slim or hound style

  • Great for stronger dogs

  • Available upgrades - name tags, tag loops and spikes

  • Our most popular style

  • Soft, flexible fabric collar with leather or Biothane®️ straps.

  • Strong breathable core

  •  Lined with soft velvet

  • Come with metal strap keeper as standard

  • Suitable for all sizes of dog - from tiny Italian Greyhounds to huge mastiffs.

  • Suitable for delicate skin and necks

  • Come in wide rounded 'hound' shape or straight 'slimline' shape

  • Available upgrades - leather or Biothane®️ strap keeper, name tags, spikes and tag loop

  • Super strong and robust with a firmer feel

  •  Lined with soft leather or Biothane®️

  • Feature an optional safety stopper to prevent over-tightening.  Can also be used as a ID holder

  • Sizes small to large in 20mm, 25mm, 32mm and 38mm widths

  • Not recommended for dogs that pull or very small dogs

  • Great for coat saving and flighty escape artists

  • Available upgrades - name tags, tag loops

CLIP leads

  • Regular leads with a loop handle

  • Available as full leather or Biothane®️ leads or with a fabric handle to match your collar

  • Custom lengths and hardware sizes

  • Available upgrades - name tags and spikes


training leads

  • Long leads with clips at both ends for multiple uses and to aid training 

  • Convert to slip lead option

  • Available as full leather or with fabric section to match your collar

  • Available in 2m. 2.2m and 2.4m

  • Available upgrades - name tags and spikes


I have chosen to use exclusively solid brass hardware, the majority made in the U.K.  It is the strongest and most reliable hardware choice for dog accessories.  Brass is ideal for collars that will face all weathers.  It will age and become a richer darker colour, but can be polished if you prefer the brighter finish.

I do have some other colour hardware in stock for some accessories if you are not a brass fan!



I love leather due to it's versatility and durability!  it has long been used for dog and equestrian accessories and for good reason.  With use, your leather accessories will age, soften and develop a beautiful patina.  You don't need to be too precious, leather will 'wear your adventures' and change colour and develop it's own story and character. This is to be cherished, not feared!

With a little TLC, your leather should last for many years.  Avoid saltwater and dry away from direct heat or sun.  Apply leather balm from time to time to keep it supple and prevent drying.

I only use the highest quality leather, sourced in the U.K, Germany and U.S.A.  You have a choice of the softy range - which has a soft broken in feel from the start.  Alternatively the vegetable tanned leathers have a firmer feel to begin with, but will age beautifully and soften with use.


Coated webbings have become the essential collar material for swimming and mud loving pups.  I have chosen to use Biothane®️ exclusively due to their extensive suitability testing, and reliability.  Biothane has a supple smooth feeling that is comfortable for your dog and easy to care for.  Opt for this customisation with any of my designs if you are looking for accessories that can be put through the washing machine or worn without worry at the beach!

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