Our leather softies collars - handcrafted from super soft leather with a suede feel.  These collars are lovely and strong but have the feel of leather that has been 'broken in' - extra comfort for your friends neck.  


XXS - 18-24cm, 10mm buckle, 

XS - 24-30cm - 15mm buckle

S - 28-34cm - 15mm buckle

SWide - 28-34cm - 20mm buckle

M - 32-40cm, 20mm buckle

MWide - 32-40cm, 25mm buckle

L - 38-46cm, 25mm buckle

XL - 44-54cm, 25mm buckle

XXl - 52-64cm, 25mm buckle


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Wholesale - Leather Softies - Collars

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Leather Colour
  • Simply wipe clean.

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