• Soft flexible fabric collar with leather straps
  • Strong breathable core
  • Lined with soft velvet
  • Choose from hound or slimline shape
  • Suitable for all sizes, including very tiny necks
  • Customise with your choice of leather strap
  • Solid brass hardware comes as standard



Available Upgrades


  • Name Tag
  • Spikes
  • Painted Strap Keeper



Neck Size Ranges - please take a snug measurement of your dogs neck at the level their collar would sit and see which range it sits in.  I have accounted for comfort room so you do not need to add this to the measurement.


XXS - 18-24cm, 10mm buckle

XS - 24-30cm - 15mm buckle

S - 28-34cm - 15mm buckle

S Wide - 28-34cm, 20mm buckle

M - 32-40cm, 20mm buckle

M Wide - 32-40cm, 25mm buckle

L - 38-46cm, 25mm buckle

XL - 44-54cm, 25mm buckle


If you are unsure, please get in touch!


We recommend removing ALL accessories from your dogs for their safety when they are left unattended at home.  

WS Dark Peak - Signature Velvet Collar

£38.00 Regular Price
£26.60Sale Price

    • You can add spikes, name tags and/or painted strap keepers to your collar from the add on section.
    • Tweed can be left to dry and dirt brushed off gently with a soft brush.
    • Heavy dirt can be handwashed with warm water and washing up liquid - gently rub with a sponge and rinse.
    • Allow to dry naturally away from direct heat or sunlight.
    • Leather will benefit from application of natural leather balm from time to time - this can now be purchased from our shop.
    • Painted leather can be simply wiped or rinsed clean.
    • Avoid salt water as this will dry the leather out.