Slip Collars - All Fabrics
Slip Collars - All Fabrics
Slip Collars - All Fabrics
Slip Collars - All Fabrics
Slip Collars - All Fabrics
Slip Collars - All Fabrics

Slip Collars - All Fabrics

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Strap Base


  • Luxury leather lined and very strong
  • Not reccommended for dogs that pull
  • Not recommended for very small dogs
  • Customise with your choice of leather or biothane
  • Up to 38mm width (no Biothane in 32mm)

Our slip collars feature an optional safety stopper set at the neck size of your dog to prevent overtightening.  These collars are designed to sit loosely on your dog, but prevent escape if your dog were to spook and attempt to back out of their collar. They can also help avoid matting on longer haired dogs.  

To order you need two measurements of your dog - the smallest neck measurent (tight to their skin/fur) and the widest measurement around their head (usually around their ears).  If you are unsure, please ask!

  • For slip collars - the head measurement is the most important to make sure the collar will slip over their head. Take a measurement from the widest part of their head, usually around the ears laid flat (imagine you are slipping a collar over their head). I use this measurement to create a mount which I check the size of the collar on to make sure it will be a good fit.
  • Please do not take the measurement from their current collar as errors can be made - there are so many different style of collars - it is safest just to measure their neck and get a perfect fit.

If you are unsure, please get in touch!

We recommend removing ALL accessories from your dogs for their safety when they are left unattended at home.  

  • All of our products are handmade to order and some will take longer than others.  Everything is made from scratch by myself and I put much love and care into every item ordered.  If you need your order by a certain date - please get in touch at the point of placing the order!  I will always accommodate if I can.

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