Signature styles are lined with velvet and are soft and flexible. The lightweight option between the two styles. The fabric features a trim which can be matching or contrast. Buckle sizes are from 10mm-25mm depending on the size you select.

Luxury buckle styles are more robust and firm feeling. They are lined with leather or biothane so are smooth on the inside and comfortable to wear for the dog. The fabric has no trim. You can choose the buckle size (10, 15, 20, 25, 32 or 38mm)

Signature Collars

Slimline - a more 'regular' shaped collar with a straight shape suitable for any dog. The maximum width of the fabric is just slightly wider than the buckle/strap.

Hound - a rounded tapered style collar, suitable for long necked hound breeds, or if you prefer a wider look. The maximum width of the fabric is approximately double that of the slimline, then tapers down to the buckle. So a medium hound for example is around 50mm/2" wide with a 20mm buckle.

Luxury Buckle Collars

Slimline - a regular straight collar, the same width as the chosen buckle width all the way round.

Hound - the middle fabric section is wider than the strap. It will either be 40mm (smaller collars) or 50mm (medium/large collars).

How do I measure my dogs neck size?

Measure your dogs neck at the level their collar would usually sit snug to their fur with a flat tape. You can also take the measurement with a piece of string or ribbon and then measure the length of that. If you leave a note of this measurement with your order, I can create a perfect fit collar! I account for comfort space, so no need to add this to your measurement!

If you select one of the set sizes - I recommend sizing up if your dogs measurement is towards the end of the size range. Eg - dogs neck 32cm - go for a medium (32-40cm) rather than a small (28-34cm).

For slip collars - the largest measurement (usually around the head/ears) is the most important to make sure the collar will slip over their head. Take a measurement from the widest part of (imagine you are slipping a collar over their head). I use this measurement to create a mount which I check the size of the collar on to make sure it will be a good fit.Please do not take the measurement from their current collar as errors can be made - there are so many different style of collars - it is safest just to measure their neck and get a perfect fit.

Some customisation can be made to our current designs - get in touch if you have specific preferences!


We are not a 'fast' shop with rapid turn around times, but each item is hand crafted with the utmost care and you will be getting something really special for your best friend. I will always try and accommodate deadlines & requirements if I can - just get in touch.

Shipping times can vary for international orders, but tracking will be available to check the progress of your package. Sometimes hold ups can be found at customs registration in various countries, which is out of my hands. Custom times have increased in some cases in Europe post Brexit. I can give shipping estimates, but they are not set in stone.

U.K orders usually take 1-2 working days to arrive once dispatched.If you are concerned with your order progression at any time, just get in touch via the contact form and I can give you an update!

I am currently at full capacity for wholesale and cannot offer to new stockists unfortunately.

As all items are handmade to order, I do not accept cancellations after 24 hours as materials will have been purchased to complete your order. Cancellations may be subject to charges that are withheld by the payment provider.