Add Tag Stud or Loop
Add Tag Stud or Loop
Add Tag Stud or Loop
Add Tag Stud or Loop

Add Tag Stud or Loop

Regular price£6.00

  • Add a loop to the front of your collar to attach your special ID tags and show them off!
  • The size of the loop will correlate with the collar
  • The loop will be added vertically unless the collar is too narrow
  • The strap holding the loop will match your collar
  • Tag loops are not designed to attach your lead to.  The fixing is not strong enough to be safe for lead attachment and this may damage your collar.

  • All of our products are handmade to order and some will take longer than others.  Everything is made from scratch by myself and I put much love and care into every item ordered.  If you need your order by a certain date - please get in touch at the point of placing the order!  I will always accommodate if I can.

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